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Lawex Corporation develops, manufactures, markets and distributes TrialWorks™ software for the legal profession. TrialWorks is a practical, efficient, easy-to-use, and economical case management solution for litigation firms that want to expedite and improve effectiveness in handling the many tasks of litigation.

Our History

Lawex was originally founded by experienced trial attorneys who took their knowledge of the practice of law and litigation and applied it to develop what is today TrialWorks - considered the most technologically advanced lawyers’ case management software package for litigators available today. While TrialWorks is the only case management system designed exclusively for litigation attorneys, any type and size of law firm can benefit from its use.

President Robb Steinberg originally developed TrialWorks in 1995 while he was a practicing trial attorney with a well-known trial law firm based in Miami, Florida. He was seeking an automated solution to handle a particularly large case, which had more than one million supporting documents. Using years of programming and computer knowledge, Mr. Steinberg developed TrialWorks in a Microsoft programming language. This allowed Lawex to succeed in creating seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook for calendaring and docketing – another major advantage over all other case management programs.

Mr. Steinberg launched the company with a new name in early 1999 and assembled a management team that has been together since the company was incorporated. Lawex’s new management has greatly enhanced all features of TrialWorks and has begun to implement new marketing strategies. The entire management team is focused on ensuring Lawex is a successful company that is destined to leave its mark on the legal industry - a company that is rapidly becoming foremost in the mind of attorneys in need of case management software.

President & Founder

Robb Steinberg obtained his law degree from the University of Miami, School of Law, after receiving a Political Science degree at The American University. Prior to attending law school, Robb was Communication Director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee and for U.S. Senator Phil Gramm (R-Texas).

In 1994, Robb joined the law firm of Colson, Hicks, Eidson in Miami. While still an associate, Robb realized that there had to be a better way to organize the voluminous boxes of production in the cases he was handling. He wrote a Microsoft Access database that allowed him quickly search for documents and provider answers faster to his senior partners. Robb left Colson in 1999 to focus on what had become “TrialWorks”.

Since that time, he has become one of the best known and most respected leaders in the development and use of computer technology in a litigation practice.

Robb is the owner and President of Lawex Corporation. Lawex develops, manufactures, markets and distributes TrialWorks Case Management Software for the legal profession. TrialWorks is a practical, efficient, easy-to-use, and economical case management solution for firms that want to expedite and improve effectiveness in the handling of litigation tasks.

At this time, there are currently over 5500 people using TrialWorks around the world. TrialWorks attracts sole practitioners to multi-user, multi-office firms, Insurance Companies & Government Agencies.

Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Gimenez has over 27 years experience in the legal industry and currently represents Lawex Corporation as our Chief Operating Officer.

She began working with the company in 2001 after working at a firm that shared a suite with Robb Steinberg. As one of the original TrialWorks users, she offered Robb valuable input to tweak some of the original features. That experience in the software world sparked her interest to the creative world of software development. Day to day, she is involved in the design, implementation, and execution of new program features. In addition, Patrice has extensive knowledge in end user deployment and has aided in the implementation of virtually every type of TrialWorks firm allowing TrialWorks to be a valuable asset to any size law firm or type of practice.

Director of Sales

Tracee Wagner is the Director of Sales with Lawex Corporation, the developers and manufactures of TrialWorks Case Management Software.

She began working with the company in 2002 after graduating with a degree in Information Sciences from the University of Florida. Having originally accepted a position as a case management specialist and product trainer, she gained the opportunity to consult with law firms for the best way to implement the features of TrialWorks. This position allowed her to truly comprehend who Lawex Corporation’s target audience is. This exposure to clients of all shapes and sizes provided for the perfect understating of the functionality of the program for a law firm. She moved quickly into their sales department and was promoted to the position of Director of Sales. Today, TrialWorks is a nationally recognized brand with over 8,000 users around the world.

Tracee has lectured at various legal seminars about on the uses of computer technology in a modern law practice. Current organization involved includes, AAJ, DRI, FJA, NYSTLA, TLA-DC, WILG, and APITLA.

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