Database Conversion Services

Lawex/TrialWorks offers complete data conversion services so that users can convert their data into TrialWorks.

Behind every information managing software program there is a database. Although some rely on a simple database design, most depend on a series of relationships between tables of information. When choosing to move data from one database to another it is necessary to understand and preserve those relationships in the source and destination database. This process is called database conversion.

Lawex/TrialWorks obtains your current data and begins analysis. At this stage we determine the amount of data that will need to be converted, it's overall health, and address any aspects that are unique to your information.
After the assessment and invoice is prepared based on the complexity of the conversion. The customer has the choice of paying it and scheduling a tentative "go-live" date.
Our database engineers build routines that align your old information with screens in the TrialWorks database. This process can take from a few days to a few weeks depending on the data.
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