• TrialWorks Hosted

    TrialWorks Hosted Services provide enterprise level capabilities to law firms without the upfront costs. The hosted platform is an alternative to owning your own equipment and is accessible from virtually anywhere.

  • TrialWorks Hybrid

    TrialWorks Case Management Software for Law Firms brings together legal documents, docket items, contacts, communications, trial materials, costs and all other case information in one place.

  • TrialWorks App

    TrialWorks Mobile app is the first app of its kind to provide lawyers with accessibility to all matter related documents, notes, docket (calendar) and contacts on the fly.

  • TrialWorks Search

    TrialWorks Search Server is a quick and easy to way to search instantly your TrialWorks database. Run a keyword search using a configured firm wide intranet. Browse files as if you browsing the internet.

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