Template Design

Creating templates with TrialWorks is surprisingly easy and can be learned from our manual or with an hour of training.

A document template is a file that contains style settings and information on how to create a new document. In TrialWorks templates are used to automatically merge information from the system and assemble documents. Document templates are essentially fully written letters/legal documents/forms that hold BookMarks (markers for specific data) which automatically populate with information.

Document assembly functions are dependant on template libraries; the more templates you have the less time you spend creating documents. Out of the box TrialWorks enables a user to create a letter, save it, and store it in a case file using just their mouse; templates assist with the content of those letters.

The easiest way to make a template for TrialWorks is to start with an existing one already in the Template library. With a single click you can create a new template based on an existing one. From there just copy/paste or write the desired content and insert BookMarks in places where information will automatically fill in. Save the document and test it. For specific instructions and lists of bookmarks available use the help option in TrialWorks or contact our training department

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